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Air source heat pumps are a cutting-edge, low-carbon heating solution in the UK! These innovative systems efficiently extract heat from the outdoor air, even in winter, to keep your home warm and cozy, just like traditional boilers.

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Unlock Significant Savings on Eco-Friendly Heating! Receive £7,500 Grant Towards Your Air Source Heat Pump and Ground Source Heat Pump Installation.

What are air source heat pumps?

Compared to gas boilers, which have served us well, the next generation of heating is here. Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient, providing 4 times more efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by a remarkable 73% when compared to gas or oil systems.

Not only do heat pumps use significantly less energy—4 to 5 times less than the most efficient boilers—they also contribute to a greener future. Operating on electricity, which becomes more sustainable each year, and pairing them with solar PV installations can result in substantial cost savings.

In terms of maintenance, heat pumps are built to last, with a lifespan of up to 25 years—more than double that of a typical boiler. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance and hello to a more sustainable and efficient heating solution!

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Welcome to our Heat Pump FAQ section! Find quick answers to common questions about heat pumps and their installation process. Whether you're a first-time user or looking to upgrade, we've got you covered. Explore the world of heat pumps and easy installations below. Can't find what you need? Reach out to our experts for help.
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  • Are heat pumps energy efficient?

    A heat pump generates about 3.5kWh of heat for every 1kWh of electricity used. That’s 350% efficiency.

  • Why get a heat pump?

    Greener, cleaner heat – Air source heat pumps use a smaller amount of electricity, so they’re a low-carbon form of heating.

  • Are heat pumps built to last?

    Air source heat pumps should last for at least 20 years – longer than the average lifespan of a standard gas boiler.

  • Help to purchase

    Get up to £5000 for an air souce heat pump or £6,000 grant from the government for a ground source heat pump.

  • Is a heat pump right for you?

    Air source heat pumps can be a sustainable and economical way of heating up your home – but they’re not right for everyone and every building type.

  • Installing a heat pump - What Next?

    Request a FREE quote and our Green Energy Homes team will give you a call to check your home’s suitability.

    We’ll visit you at home for a site survey where we’ll talk you through the options and give you a quote.

    When you’re happy with the quote, your heat pump system will be installed by our expert engineers.

  • How effective are heat pumps?

    Heat pumps work effectively even when the outside temperatures are -15°C, although they are a bit more energy efficient at warmer temperatures.

  • What types of heat pump are there?

    Air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. As the names suggest, ground source heat pumps get heat from the ground, whilst air source heat pumps get it from the outside air.

  • How do heat pumps work?

    A heat pump works differently to a gas, oil or LPG boiler does. It uses the heat found in the air outside air of your home – plus a small amount of electricity – This is then converted to supply your home with all the heating and hot water it needs, all year round! When it’s installed in an energy-efficient and well insulated house, an air source heat pump is up to 500% efficient compared to a normal gas boiler which is roughly 60-90% efficient. Air source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly approach to a gas-powered boiler. That’s excellent news for your carbon footprint on the environment – and for the UK’s continued progress to Net Zero.

  • What government grants are available to help with the installation costs?

    Replacing gas boilers with greener, cleaner alternatives is the drive forward of the UK’s plans to reach Net Zero by 2050. So the government is offering to help people who want to make the switch to greener heating today!

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