Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Systems

Solar thermal technology for your home

The basic principles of solar thermal technology are fairly straightforward, but in practice, designing a system that efficiently captures the sun’s energy and turns it into hot water, requires advanced technology. Solar panel installations are the first step in this process, whereby solar energy is captured and transferred into a usable resource.

Solar thermal domestic hot water systems work by collectors on the roof, absorbing the radiated energy from the sun. This energy heats the fluid which is pumped around a sealed circuit, through the collectors and into a coil within a specially designed hot water cylinder. The hot water is then stored in the cylinder until it’s needed.

  • Endless amounts of energy with low running costs
  • No CO² emissions during operation
  • Cost savings from using up to 60% less energy to heat water
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels
  • Solar thermal systems can be integrated into many existing systems
  • Modern systems work efficiently all year round

Solar Energy Save Your
Money by 60%