Under Floor Heating

under floor heating

Under floor heating with smart control technology to a phone or tablet for full control at your fingertips. Floor probes keep the floor a constant temperature to achieve efficiency and provide faster warm up times and comfort levels all contacted to a heat pump system.

  • Under floor heating
  • Smart control system
  • 400% efficiency

Heat pumps are distinguished based on the type of heat source they use.

Air source heat pumps use the heat from the ambient air. There are two versions; air-to-water and air-to-air. Air-to-water transfers the absorbed heat to radiators or an underfloor heating and will also provide hot water. Air-to-air heat pumps transfer the heat to a fan installation that serves to heat the house.

Ground source heat pumps use the environmental heat stored in the ground. They can only be used in combination with a water-based heat distribution system (radiators or underfloor heating) and therefore are called brine-to-water heat pumps.

Water-to-water heat pumps use the heat contained in the groundwater. Water source heat pump systems are ideal for homeowners that have a suitable water source onsite, such as a lake, river or stream.

air source heat pump